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News 2020

BancoEstado reports funding measures for clients

Subgerencia de Comunicaciones

Santiago, Mar 19, 2020. 14:00

The plan is based on extending the “Estamos Contigo” program (We are with You) reinforced by a Government’s capitalization of US$500 million.

Attentive to the unprecedented emergency situation in the country and true to its key role of supporting Chileans undergoing difficult situations, BancoEstado took a number of exceptional steps based on extending the current program “We are with You”, launched in mid-November, as a result of the social contingency confronted by the country.

The new measures are endorsed by a US$500 million capital for BancoEstado, announced today by the Ministry of Finance.

These measures are:

For Micro and Small Business customers

- Funding of new working capital

- Alternatives for funding or rescheduling installments for current debt

For larger companies

- Special funding for new working capital

For retail clients

- Refinancing credit cards, consumer and home loans.

- Rescheduling current loan installments, both home and consumer.


"We are confident this announcement is good news for business and individuals. In this manner, we expect to contribute to mitigate the effects of the contingency on those who need it most”, explained BancoEstado’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Arturo Tagle.

BancoEstado announced that, bearing in mind the number of sanitary measures ordered by the Government, special emphasis and energy will be made on queries from whom resort to any of the benefits listed above, in particular when most of the processes follow digital channels; the rationale is not to overload the in-person activity in our offices, thus protecting the health of workers and customers.