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We are here for Chile to be a more inclusive, equitable country, offering opportunities to all.


We are a committed and efficient State bank, focusing on the development of the country and of all Chileans.


Inclusion: Everyone has a place in BancoEstado, no matter their social status, gender, age, profession, ability, nationality or ethnic origin. Our services are available to all, with no exclusion and equal treatment. This is part of our hallmark.

Commitment: We are committed to a fairer country with opportunities for all. We support and encourage entrepreneurship and the development of individuals, companies and organisations, and of all those who work to make Chile a developed country. We provide service where others don’t.

Responsibility: We are the bank of the Chilean state, and this obliges us to act with total responsibility, safeguarding everybody’s assets and protecting the institution’s sustainability and reputation.

Excellence: Our challenge is excellence in each of our service areas. We serve more than 10 million clients, and must give them adequate response times, top quality, easy use 24/7 service.

Collaboration: Teamwork and working with different State organisations is an essential part of our daily routine. We work so that BancoEstado fulfils its role in the best possible way.